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This is really clever.

I haven't reviewed something in a long long time but this is worth it. This is very very funny. I see a lot of good animation on this site but it is rare that the writing and concept matters to anyone (See the Gamer Tonight series on the front page right now, what crap). I appreciate that you went out of the box and came up with something that was weird and creative. This was one of the few web cartoons I have ever watched and laughed heartily to. The internet is such a weird medium for cartoons in the sense that most of them just aren't anything more than snicker worthy, but this was great.

Not to mention, your animation is as good as anyone's on Newgrounds. I could seriously see something like this being adopted by Adult Swim for a little three minute mini episode in between shows. So in closing, great animation, concept, voice-work and overall production. I tip my hat to you.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks v much!

It's Iffy

It's interesting, and I'm a huge Gorillaz fan so I could appreciate this, but I'm not sure its for everybody. This just seems a wee bit pointless though since Murdoc is in fact a cartoon character, but I didn't spend my time making this, you did, i reckon you just took 5 minutes of my life, that doesn't bother me, this was pretty interesting.

Perfect, in so few words.

Ive never had a flash make me quite so happy, it was so nicely cheery. The graphics were even better than your other movie's, and the sound was top notch. If you ask me, you are the next adam phillips of newgrounds, you are absolutely spectacular, youre great at setting moods, and great at just visually appealing to people, everything was top notch.

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Slow your roll brotha

This game is really disorganized and doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it is good that you tried making a fast action game but calm down the pace a little bit. There is far too much trying to go on to the point where slaying any of the enemies seems unbearable and pointless. I like the pace, just refine it and restore some order to this game. It is a bit of a mess.

It was a good attempt, shows alot of promise

Like I said it shows alot of promise, but it's insanely tedious for a flash game, in the sense that the crabs are just complete bitches and theres little strategy to it, it's a matter of getting lucky. But thats all the riffing I'm going to do, heres some strong points. Your graphics were cool and unique,they remind of Newgrounds user "Sqeezy", so that was cool, and your sound wasn't bad either. The overall theme of the game just seemed cheery and fun, so you get points for that. All in all, it wasn't a groundbreaking game, but well deserving of it's 3.52, keep it up.

3dbbQ returns!

very cool game, i beasted super man mode with 70, and it BROKE MY HAND doing it, but i loved this game, alot of fun to watch, good job bro.

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not bad

kinda of poorly executed, it'd be good for the right situatuon, but there was so little variation, the same beat the whole song, with no climax, or anything, not bad tho

Maoish responds:

Wow, I forgot I even posted that, that was the first experimental song I made with Reason, and it's awful, lmao. I had no idea how to use the program to its fullest, I agree 100% with the poster above, I basically found out how to make a beat, and then just layered more and more crap on until I gave up.

I will return

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